The 5 Advantages Bitcoin Has Over Fiat Currency
Bitcoin is the first successful cryptocurrency in history, and it became successful because of the many positive merits not found in traditional or fiat currency (this is your country’s national currency). In this article, you’ll find out about five advantages Bitcoin has over fiat currency. 1 – Bitcoin Is... Read more
Bitcoin: An Elementary Explanation of How It Works
Elementary Explanation Of How Bitcoin Works So, what is Bitcoin? First of all, it’s the first cryptocurrency ever created. It was created in 2009. It’s anonymous, decentralized and it uses no banks.  To most people, Bitcoin can seem like a financial concept made in a parallel universe. Yes, it’s... Read more
Clever Way To Build a Mailing List
No matter which monetization method you choose, you’re going to want to also build a mailing list. Here’s why… People who visit your blog for the first time probably aren’t going to buy anything. And once they leave your blog, they’re going to promptly forget about you. Sure, they... Read more
One Simple Trick To Make Your Content King

Want to make sure your content is selling, rather than boring, your customers?
You need to stop using weak words in your copy.

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Why Thinking Outside The Box Is Bad

Almost half the people selling to you will tell you to think outside the box, that is how they “got rich quick” and it kinda makes sense you know.

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